Markey Cancer Center Research Programs

Research conducted at Markey focuses on Kentucky’s most serious cancer burdens. Our researchers emphasize finding solutions that will directly impact the “distressed” Appalachian Kentucky region, where cancer incidence and mortality rates surpass those for the entire state.

The MCC brings unique basic, clinical and population research strengths to this mission. Together, the researchers in each of our three research programs deliver transformative interventional research to an important underserved priority population. Their contributions to national efforts to conquer cancer through discovery, clinical translation, cancer prevention and community outreach provide Markey with a rich and dynamic research environment.

Cancer Prevention and Control (CP) Program

The Cancer Prevention and Control (CP) Program faculty and their studies focus on factors affecting Kentucky’s unusually high cancer incidence, morbidity and mortality. Their findings can be used to construct more effective cancer control interventions tailored toward the specific needs and issues faced by this important population.

Learn more by visiting the Cancer Prevention and Control webpage.

Molecular and Cellular Oncology (MCO) Program

The Molecular and Cellular Oncology (MCO) Program faculty and their studies aim to reduce the burden of cancer in Kentucky and the nation by focusing on the unique area of cancer research that integrates signal transduction mechanisms with genetic, epigenetic and metabolic regulation of cancer development and therapeutic resistance.

Learn more by visiting the Molecular and Cellular Oncology webpage.

Translational Oncology (TO) Program

The Translational Oncology (TO) Program faculty and studies focus on scientifically enhancing the translation of MCC science into impactful clinical trials for our catchment area. TO accomplishes this though validating mechanistic targets in clinically relevant model systems, developing new anticancer agents and devices, advancing these therapies to novel early phase clinical trials and training the next generation of clinician scientists.

Learn more by visiting the Translation Oncology webpage.

Markey Cancer Center is NCI-designated

The UK Markey Cancer Center was first designated by the National Cancer Institute in 2013 – a distinction that recognizes our extraordinary ability to provide world-class care for our patients. We are the only NCI-designated cancer center in Kentucky and one of only 71 in the nation.