UK HealthCare Brand Strategy

Advanced Medicine

The award-winning UK HealthCare Brand Strategy team supports the clinical enterprise and the Advanced Medicine UK HealthCare brand.

We offer digital & brand strategy, reputation management, market development and market research. We work closely with the UK HealthCare physician liaison program, corporate communications and internal communications.

UK HealthCare Brand Strategy
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Integrated Digital Marketing

Our experienced team serves as the in-house creative and marketing arm of UK HealthCare. Our creative services are available at no charge to UK HealthCare clinical departments; however, there may be charges for printing, photography and film production.

We promote the UK HealthCare brand through a variety of marketing and communication channels, including our website, social media channels, digital and TV campaigns, and through the creation of print collateral, including advertisements, publications, annual reports, brochures and flyers.

We work with the latest digital tools and technologies to reach and engage consumers and to ensure the effectiveness of our communication. Our market research team works to understand awareness and perceptions of the UK HealthCare brand. Our experts oversee all marketing research activities, including conducting focus groups, generating surveys and monitoring the success of our initiatives.

We also manage search-engine optimization and digital presence across various online platforms through reputation-management efforts. This includes monitoring the accuracy of our online listings and web reviews of UK HealthCare locations and physicians.

Jason Britt

Contact: Jason Britt, Director, Integrative Marketing

Market Development

Our Market Development team works with key leaders within UK HealthCare to develop and guide marketing plans that support our strategic plan. We also work with outside stakeholders and partners on strategic outreach initiatives, in collaboration with our internal partners.

Our market development managers provide strategic support to service lines and programs across UK HealthCare and to our major clinical entities. Reference this list to connect with the market development manager assigned to your area.

Laura Baker

Laura Baker

Christna Briggs

Christina Briggs

Cynde Estep

Cynde Estep

Erin McElwain

Erin McElwain

Market Research & Analytics

The Market Research & Analytics team oversees all marketing research activities to understand awareness and perceptions of the UK HealthCare brand. The team conducts focus groups, generates surveys and monitors the success of marketing initiatives to ensure UK HealthCare's communication effectiveness.

This team is an internal resource for any marketing research related inquiries, as well as consulting for other departments within the University of Kentucky to aid them in achieving their research goals.

Community Engagement

We’re committed to supporting the growth and improvement of the communities we serve. We enjoy collaborating with partners across the state. Our Community Support program, which began in 2006, is a major contributor to more than 200 local, state and national organizations dedicated to improving the health and well-being of countless residents in our city, state and beyond.

In addition to financial support, we provide accurate and reliable health information and education, health screenings and risk assessments, along with an extensive lineup of expert speakers.