Shaista Arain, MD

3.81 out of 5


Faculty Rank

  • Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Training & Education


People’s University of Medical & Health Sciences for Women, Nawabshah, Pakistan


University of Kentucky, Lexington

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Ratings & Reviews

3.81 out of 5
4 Reviews

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  • Patient Review

    April 20th 2022
    This was the first time we saw this doctor. She was helpful when I brought up a couple of concerns, but she didn't do as thorough of a wellness check up that we are used to.

    Patient Review

    March 9th 2022
    Dr. Arain was excellent. She was very informative and concerned.

    Patient Review

    November 3rd 2021
    I only brought up 2 issues during the visit - one of which she put entirely on me to figure out without any potential solutions or guidance offered. The other was a serious concern that required referral to a sub-specialist and she dismissed it entirely as not important.

    Patient Review

    September 29th 2021
    I was told by the doctor that two tests were going to be done during this appt on Sept. 29th. One of them was for strep, and it was my understanding from conversation with the doctor that the second test was for Covid. They said the Covid test results would take until the next morning for me to receive. I then received a voicemail from a nurse the afternoon of the visit saying that she was positive for RSV. The provider never said anything about RSV during our visit with her. I called the pediatricians' office the next morning to see if a covid test had been performed. They said it had not been performed. The nurse spoke with Dr. Duncan (my daughter's usual provider), who said RSV can cause the symptoms she was having (deep cough with rattle and fluid and high fever) but to go ahead and test for Covid as well. The nurse relayed that the lab could use the sample from the RSV test to run the COVID test. We are now waiting on COVID results. I am angered that this was not performed in the first place as I recall it being communicated to me during my daughter's appointment on Sept. 29, especially when they could have used the sample to run the two tests (COVID and RSV) for which my daughter had symptoms of both. The night of the 29th, my daughters fever spiked to 103.5, which we thought was a mistake but we continued to receive similar temp readings and the twilight clinic confirmed those readings were possible with RSV. It's my understanding that CoViD can result in those readings as well, and if she turns out to have covid, then we need to follow a different path than if she just had RSV on its own. Why did they not test for COVID in the first place along with RSV and strep, at least to rule out one or all of the illnesses?The communication did not align with actions in this case and this is a problem, whether my child ends up having COVID or not.