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Making the Rounds with Dr. Merve Ozen, interventional radiologist

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For this edition of Making the Rounds, we interviewed UK HealthCare interventional radiologist Dr. Merve Ozen. Dr. Ozen performs uterine fibroid embolization, as well as several other procedures.

We spoke with Dr. Ozen about what drew her to the field of medicine and what makes the services available at UK HealthCare unique.

What drew you to your career?

I was a very curious kid and … I knew that I wanted to be a doctor one day. I didn't have anyone in my family who were doctors. During medical school, I found interventional radiology. If I were born again, I (would) still pick the same path.

What’s so special about the UK HealthCare radiology program?

We have a great new interventional radiology space, and we combine different imaging techniques with each other. I think it's very exciting. And, we are working on expanding our Uterine Fibroid Clinic.

We're trying to reach the women who (don’t) have access to interventional radiology outside Lexington. We have a wide variety of different treatments available, and this allows us to do a lot of research on liver diseases and portal hypertension.

The other research that we are focused on is uterine fibroids. We have a multidisciplinary team that takes care of uterine fibroid patients. We are proud of that, because it's not very common that a gynecologist and interventional radiologists work together.

Watch our full interview with Dr. Ozen.

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