Child Life Program

Girl reading a book in the Kentucky Children's Hospital lobby

With recent concerns surrounding COVID-19, Kentucky Children's Hospital will be closing all playrooms until further notice.

While we are so grateful for our generous community and all they do for Kentucky Children’s Hospital, the health and safety of our staff, patients and families is our first priority. We encourage donors to use the hospital’s online wish list as an alternative to in-person delivery of donated items. We are unable to accept any donations at the hospital that are not pre-scheduled with the Child Life Department. Please follow all donation guidelines and schedule an appointment for any deliveries.

The Child Life Program is a specialized service providing play opportunities for patients of the Kentucky Children's Hospital and their families. Play helps a child continue his or her normal growth and development and eases the stress families experience while the child is in the hospital.

The Child Life staff and volunteers offer a variety of activities including special programs in the Treehouse Playroom; individualized activities in the patient's own room; closed circuit television programs on channel 13; preparation for procedures; assisting families in using technology to find information; and encouraging reading. The Child Life Program has three playrooms, a Multi-Media Center, and a Family Resource Center.

The Treehouse Playroom is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., daily. A schedule of activities is posted outside the playroom. Children may borrow toys and games from this room. The East Wing Playroom which is designed for infants and toddlers is open daily. The West Wing Recreation Room is being renovated for older youth and adolescents.

The Multi-Media Room has computers for patients to use. The Family Resource Center offers reading materials for all ages. Information about children's health and illness can be obtained through this center. Volunteers open these rooms on a regular basis.

For the safety and well being of all the children visiting the Child Life areas, please follow these simple rules.

  • Children should be supervised by an adult at all times while in the playrooms.
  • Everyone entering the Child Life areas should wash his or her hands to prevent the spreading of germs.
  • Drinks and food are not allowed in the Child Life areas.
  • Toys, games, puzzles, and books should be returned to their proper places.

Volunteers are a vital part of the Child Life Program. During your stay in the Children's Hospital, volunteers may stop in to ask if your child would like something from the Child Life Program. Feel free to request appropriate playthings for your child and request that the volunteer play with your child while you take a break. If you have questions about play opportunities for your child, please contact the Child Life Office by dialing 859-323-6551.

School program

The Kentucky Children's Hospital has a teacher available for all school-aged children who are in the hospital for at least five school days. The teacher is provided by the Fayette County Board of Education, so she works according to the Fayette County school calendar. She communicates with the child's regular school and teachers to determine what work the child needs to complete.

The child is enrolled in the hospital school program and is not counted absent while in the hospital. The teacher tutors children individually in their hospital rooms. Usually the child's regular school sends books and assignments to be used in the hospital.

Family members often bring these items to the hospital for the child. Upon discharge, the teacher communicates with the regular school about the child's school progress in the hospital. The hospital teacher can help complete forms for homebound instruction, if that is ordered by the physician. The teacher can be reached by calling 859-257-4503

CALL 859-323-6551