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Let massage therapy be a step in your healing process

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You may think of getting a massage as just a way to relax, but did you know that massages can also help you on a path toward healing? Massage therapy involves structured touch, holding, pressure and manipulation of the soft tissues in the body to promote healing and a sense of well-being. There are different approaches to massage, all of which emphasize a personalized, one-on-one method of care that can be tailored to your specific needs.

UK Integrative Medicine & Health provides four types of massage therapy, each specialized in its own way for a special purpose.

Here's what each type can do for you:

What are the benefits of massage?

Studies have shown that massage therapy has a positive impact on the mind and body and can be beneficial in managing the side effects of many medical conditions. 

In general, massage relieves muscle tension and stress, reduces anxiety and fluid retention, improves sleep, and restores hope. 

What types of massage therapy are offered at UK?

UK Integrative Medicine & Health offers oncology, therapeutic, relaxation and prenatal massages. 

"The bottom line is that massage helps people to relax and takes them away from the stresses of what is going on in their lives," explained Marilyn Burke, a licensed massage therapist at UK Integrative Medicine. "Each massage has its own benefits."

Burke discusses what makes each type unique:

Oncology: This type helps take the patient away from their pain and worries for 60 minutes. The patient is left feeling refreshed, and they often report that they have restful sleep for the first time in a long time afterwards and that their pain has been reduced. This is a light touch massage. Deep tissue is not allowed due to the delicate nature of the body while going through treatment.

Therapeutic: This type helps reduce muscle tension. It's great for stiff neck, shoulders and hips and low back issues.

Relaxation: This is just for relaxation. We do not work on any areas of tension specifically.

Prenatal: This is to help new mothers with any discomfort as their bodies change during pregnancy.

How do I make an appointment?

Massage services are open to both UK patients as well as the general public. To schedule a massage appointment, call 859-323-4325 (HEAL).

For more information about the program, visit here.

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