Transform Health - Support and Referrals

Transform Health is a partnership of UK HealthCare providers who have the shared goal of meeting many of the unique medical needs of people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, questioning and/or anywhere on this spectrum as well as those who consider themselves on the transgender spectrum. Services are offered to all community members at our central clinic, the UK Family Medicine Transform Health Clinic at UK HealthCare-Turfland, and to University of Kentucky students at the University Health Service on campus.

Additionally, staff members at the UK Counseling Center (UKCC) and the UK Office of LGBTQ* Resources  are available to provide support.

UK Counseling Center (UK students only)

Staff members at the UK Counseling Center strive to create a welcoming, inclusive environment for all UK students to promote exploration of any personal problems or concerns. Many members of our professional staff have interest and experience in serving the LGBTQ community, including transgender and gender nonbinary individuals.  Individual therapy and a support group for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming students is available.

Di Sobel, PhD, is Transform site director at UKCC. The center is located in Room 104 of Mandrell Hall on the UK campus.

  • All new clients must have an initial assessment. Same day appointments are available for urgent needs (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.).
  • Call 859-257-8701 or visit UKCC online to schedule your first appointment.
  • After-hours crisis/urgent consultation is available by calling 859-257-8701 and pressing 1.
  • More information and resources for LGBTQ* students seeking counseling are available on the website as well.

If you are a UK student or employee who would like additional assistance connecting with the clinic or other health and well-being resources, email the Office of LGBTQ* Resources or call the office at 859-218-4816.

Counseling/mental health

We partner with and refer to mental health professionals who have interest and experience in serving the LGBTQ* community, including transgender individuals. If you are in need of mental health services, especially individual counseling, before you can be seen and referred from Transform Health, please contact the Office of LGBTQ* Resources for assistance.