Genomics research services

Our research genomic services include:

  • Sanger Sequencing.
  • Fragment analysis and genotyping.
  • Real time PCR.
  • Pyrosequencing and luminex-based genotyping.
  • Affymetrix-based gene expression profiling and genotyping.
  • NanoString-based expression and copy number variation profiling.
  • Next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based DNA sequencing.
    • Amplicon sequencing.
    • Targeted resequencing.
    • Whole genome sequencing.
  • RNA-seq.
  • miRNA-seq.
  • ChIP-seq.
  • Methylation sequencing.
  • Bacterial 16-S metagenomics.

Other services include:

  • NGS library preparation.
  • DNA and RNA quality assessment with tape station/bioanalyzer.
  • Chromatin and DNA shearing with Covaris ultrasonicator.
  • Microarray.