Graduates' Testimonials

“The UK Hospital Dietetic Internship far exceeded my expectations regarding the knowledge and skills that could be honed during a 10-month internship. This is an incredible opportunity for a dietetic intern, especially one who’s interested in working as a clinical dietitian, because of the vast array of experiences that are offered between UK and the VA. In addition to learning about and working with dozens of disease conditions, my time management, communication, public speaking and teamwork skills were all greatly improved. I can’t say enough good things about the preceptors at both institutions. They are encouraging and always available, yet they challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and hold you to a high standard. While it was a very challenging internship and there was a lot of homework, I felt like all of it was applicable to the rotations, and I continue to reference the assignments in my job as a clinical dietitian. In the end, it was completely worth it because I was overly-prepared to enter the workforce as an entry-level dietitian!” -- Graduate of the 2016-2017 Dietetic Internship Class

“Though I started UK Hospital’s Dietetic Internship with little more than textbook nutrition knowledge, I graduated 10 months later equipped with the comprehensive clinical experience to confidently begin an entry-level job as an RD. Through diverse rotations at both UK Hospital and the Lexington VA Medical Center, I had the opportunity to work with a variety of patient populations and determine what setting in which I wanted to work after the internship. The preceptors throughout the entire program are encouraging, caring, and knowledgeable. While the workload of assignments, presentations, and projects is demanding, the education provides invaluable knowledge to utilize as a dietitian in the future. I highly recommend this program!” -- Graduate of the 2017-2018 Dietetic Internship Class

“I feel honored to have had the opportunity to complete my internship through the University of Kentucky Hospital/Lexington VA Medical Center. The structure of the program is unmatched and I am confident that I received the best post-graduation education and experience that can be offered within the state. The diversity and range of opportunities provided during the program was more than impressive. I felt immersed into a culture of learning while at UK Hospital, and then had the amazing opportunity of serving our nation’s veterans while learning at the Lexington VA Medical Center. I completed more than fifteen clinical rotations varying in specialties like oncology, transplant, and pediatrics. Aside from that - not only did I get to train alongside top-notch preceptors in these areas, but I was also paid to do so, and I think anyone in the field of dietetics can appreciate the magnitude of that detail. The experiences at UK Hospital and the Lexington VA Medical Center are vastly different, which I think makes this program incredibly well rounded. The preceptors at both organizations are wonderful; I felt challenged and supported throughout the entire program due to their devotion. When graduation day came, I felt more than confident when scheduling my RD exam and applying for jobs. I can’t recommend this program enough, and I strongly suggest it to any student in dietetics that is seeking a challenging, unique, and engaging dietetic internship.” -- Graduate of the 2018-2019 Dietetic Internship Class

"The Dietetic Internship at the University of Kentucky Hospital and Lexington Veterans Affairs Medical Center was the most challenging, yet rewarding, educational and professional experience of my career. This internship is an intensive clinically focused program with exposure to a multitude of clinical nutrition specialties. These unique areas include ICU nutrition support, organ transplant, pediatrics, outpatient clinic counseling, and many others. Additionally, working at a large academic medical center enhances the learning experience, as you are studying alongside medical and nursing students, residents, and learners in other medical disciplines. Through the presentations given throughout the year, I also further developed my skills and confidence in public speaking. Overall, this internship has fully prepared me for my first job as a clinical dietitian." -- Graduate of the 2019-2020 Dietetic Internship Class