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  • Markey patient stories

  • Nicole Upchurch's story
    Nicole Upchurch is an active high school student, playing for her varsity soccer team in Somerset, Ky. But last year she suddenly felt ill and tired and began losing weight. When her mom started making frequent trips to pick Nicole up early from school or soccer practice, they knew something was wrong. Read more.
    Margaret Yost's story
    Margaret Yost was already familiar with the superb care patients receive at UK HealthCare. Over the course of a few months in 2012, Margaret underwent successful surgery to treat breast cancer at the UK Markey Cancer Center, the only cancer center in Kentucky designated by the National Cancer Institute. Read more.
    Ernie Gillispie's Story
    Ernie Gillispie, 68, spent 37 years working in Kentucky coal mines, and 25 years living with black lung disease. His lungs were full of coal dust, and it was, quite literally, killing him. “If you can’t breathe, you can’t do anything,” Gillispie said. By December 2010, it was so hard for Gillispie to breathe that he could not walk five feet on his own. He was forced to use a wheelchair. He became weaker and weaker, and his prospects were grim. Read more.
    Sally Leukefeld's Story
    When Sally Leukefeld first found the lump in her left breast, she didn’t go immediately to the doctor. Instead, she waited about a month. “I already had an appointment scheduled, and I guess I was in denial,” she said. Once she did tell her doctor at UK HealthCare about the lump, however, things moved fast. “I showed her, and within 15 minutes – literally 15 minutes – there was a team there from the Markey Cancer Center to do a needle biopsy.” Read more.
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