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Tour Kentucky Children's Hospital: A place of comfort and healing

Girl reading The Family Resource Center has books for all ages. A computer is available for volunteers to use to help parents find information about illnesses and treatments.

Play is very important for children as they recover. The Child Life Program of Kentucky Children's Hospital provides activities for children while they are in the hospital. Child life specialists and volunteers help children play in the Treehouse Playroom, the unit playrooms, and their own patient rooms. The Treehouse Playroom is a large room with a variety of toys, games, crafts, and puzzles. Group entertainment activities also are held in this room. Each unit also has a treatment room where doctors and nurses perform simple procedures.  

Pediatrician and boyAlthough it is possible for a child to be placed on either Acute Care Unit, the East Wing is designed for the care of infants, toddlers, and older children with respiratory illnesses. The patient room doors have windows, which allow nurses to watch young children if necessary.

The Infant-Toddler Playroom is located on the East Wing. It has toys and playthings designed for younger children. A favorite activity in this room is the Bubble Tube.

Kentucky Children's Hospital has many specialized services available to provide the best care for children. We have our own pharmacy, designed for the health care needs of children with specially trained pharmacists who prepare medications.  

NICUThe neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) can handle the most fragile newborn. About half of the babies are in the critical care area while the other half are in the transitional care area, based on the level of care required. A special nursery in this unit is for ECMO (extracorporal membranous oxygenation), which is a specialized process to help babies who cannot breathe on their own.

It is very important for the parents to be involved in and learn about the care of their child; therefore, parents can visit their babies at any time.  

Critical care centerOur pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) is the only intensive care unit in Central and Eastern Kentucky dedicated to children. It has private rooms and a central monitoring station. Specialized monitoring and other equipment are used in the PICU to provide the best care possible for the patients. In the PICU, patients' ages range from infants through adolescents.  

Pediatrician, mom and babyIn this area, parents may stay in the child's room at all times, with a few exceptions. Parents who do not sleep in the child's room may stay in special sleep rooms or at the Ronald McDonald House.   

Dad and babyKentucky Children's Hospital has a specially trained transport team that is available at any time to bring very critical babies and children to our hospital by either helicopter or ambulance. In fact, we have two ambulances dedicated entirely to transporting sick babies and children to our hospital.

As babies become healthier, it is possible to take the baby to a neonatal nursery at a hospital closer to their home.

Mom and babyKentucky Children's Hospital is a family-centered care facility where parents are considered partners in the health care of their child. They are the experts about their child, while our medical staff are experts in healing young bodies. We need the parents to help with the recovery of their child. Siblings and extended family members also are important for the recovery of the child.

Waiting roomFor families and visitors of children in the Critical Care Center, a waiting room, kitchen, showers, and sleep rooms are available. Laundry facilities also are available to all families in the Kentucky Children's Hospital.


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